Our Services

We have qualified ICU / NICU / GYNAC and general nurses to cover all types of physiological & anatomical diseases for your patient with our trained & highly experienced nurses.we have round the clock on call nurses for immediate nursing assistance or day to day nursing care of patient in mumbai.

Services We Provide  
1)   Neonatal(Babycare) 2)   Tracheostamy
3)   Colostamy 4)   Craniotomy
5)   Any type of Post-Opcare 6)   Paralysis Care
7)  Orthopedic care 8)  Post-Trauma
9)   Post-AKU(Post Kidney Care) 10)Old Age Care
11) Bed-Sore Care 12)Any Physiotherapy Care
13)Any type of feeding 14)Sitz Bath
15)Any/ICUcare        (Ventilator,Pulseoxymatory,ECG,etc.) 16) Any type of prescribed        Injection
170 Any other medical assistance  

care taker male / female ( ayah / wardboys/nurses)

we have male / female (nurses) care taker for old age or sick Patients who needs support for routine assistance they provide complete care to the patient accept injection medication they are gentle and dedicated to make sure that you get good and satisfying care at home they are medically trained and experienced person in Mumbai.

Our Special Services

Old age

Patient care taker