Organ Donation


Organ Donation can take place only when a patient is declared brain dead. The organs can not be removed when the heart stops beating as organs needs to transfer when blood circulation is still on in the body.

Medically a person is considered dead when the brain stops functioning. Today because of advancement in technology it is possible to keep the heart functioning through Life Support System despite the person being termed dead. Hence Organ Donation is possible during this crucial time however sad part is we do not have enough donors. India is one of the lowest donating country in the world. Statics show that One in a Million in India donate their organs. Majority of them are not aware of organ donation, So come and join our mission and do something for society.

Organ Donation are not constrained by age limit all adults and minors with consent of parents or legal guardians can pledge to bacome Organ Donor.

Above all the most important thing to do, you need to share your decision with your family and ensure with them that they will not forget your last wish.

For any query feel free to contact us and fill the below mention Donor Card. You can download and print the card otherwise ask us to send you Hard Copy of Donor Card, We will provide you Donor Card and informative Brochures.