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Eye Donation

We are spreading awareness about eye-donation. The Price-less Gift of Sight. In our country nearly 1.2 lakhs people required corneal transplantation, approx 20,000 new cases get added every year, Majority of them are young. So come and join our mission to eliminate Corneal Blindness from the Society. It is an act of charity purely for the benifit of society and total voluntarily.
Necessary Action To Be Taken For Donating Eyes:
  • Eyes can be pledged before and donate only after death.
  • Discuss your intention of eye donation with your family, Doctor and Relatives.
  • Make eye donation a family tradition
For Donor's Relatives:
  • You have the authority and moral responsibility to donate the eyes of the deceased;
  • Contact the nearest eye bank or DIAL 1919.
  • Eyes must be retrieved within 4 to 6 hours of death.
  • Close the eye lids
  • Cover the Closed lids with moist cutton wool.
  • Switch off the overhead fan (Switch on the air-conditioner if possible)
  • Raise the donor's head by 6 inches by placing two pillows under it.
Who can not be a donor?

Patients with AIDS, Hepatitis B or C, Rabies, Septicaemia, Brain Tumor, Cancer, Gangrene, Tetnus, Cholera and infectious diseases like meningitis and encephlitis can not donate their eyes.